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Maximator Far East offers a wide range of high-pressure components like the air driven pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers and valves, fittings and tubings made in Germany. Maximator’s Engineering Bay is built to test any high-pressure solutions with high-grade service quality.

Mobile Hydrostatic Test (Hydrotest) Unit

Hydrostatic and Gas Test Bay System

Automated (Pressure and Flow) Test Bay System

Hose Test Bench

Portable Hydraulic (Power) Unit

Hydraulic Units

Retro Fitting Service

Valve testing (Retro-Fitting Service)

Mobile Hydraulic Unit

Portable Hydrostatic Test unit

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Setup And Initial Start Up

Inspection Service

Training Service

Maintenance contracts

Installing and laying pipes

Overhauling and upgrading hydrostatic systems

Customizing of pressure solutions



Customizing of pressure solutions

Overhauling and upgrading hydrostatic systems

Maintenance contracts

Training service

Inspection service

Setup and initial start up

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Our Featured Projects

Portable Gas Booster Station

Manually operated portable gas booster station for Oxygen (O2) service Specially designed 2-stage gas booster for charging of O2 cylinders (up to 200 Bar) in order to manage the safe compression of O2 gas Single discharge outlet (connection to cylinder) Safety systems in place to prevent over-pressure (as O2 is flammable) Station is specially cleaned […]

Mobile Gas Booster

Manually operated mobile gas booster station for various gases. Dual booster design for high pressure testing up to 15,000 psi (higher pressures available on request) of valves. Dual discharge outlets; connection to test piece and chart recorder (multiple high pressure discharge outlets possible on request). Safety systems in place to prevent over-pressure. Stroke counter included […]

Test Bay Unit

Dual pump design for hydrostatic testing (low pressure and high pressure up to 22,500psi for subsea valves). Gas testing pressure up to 15,000psi. Wall mounted panel design to ensure that operator is located outside the test bay during testing. Site installation of supply, discharge and exhaust (N2) lines provided. Site commissioning and training of operators […]

Air Leak Test Unit

Manually operated (Start/Stop) air leak test unit for brake calipers (auto-running and stopping with smart design) Single discharge outlet (connection to test piece) Triple-stage booster design for air leak testing (up to 250 Bar for brake calipers) Smart design with dampeners to achieve stable testing pressure and flow; allows for accurate and precise testing all […]

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