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Apr 21, 2022

Maximator X-TOWER

The Maximator X-TOWER is a modular Gas Compression System, specifically designed for Hydrogen compression up to 900 bar with scalable volume flow. The X-TOWER is designed for integration in existing systems and is covering nearly all requirement for efficient gas compression.



  • FLEXIBILITY: With the X-TOWER you are planning the future. Our solution can be adapted to new challenges by changing, adding or removing X-Modules.


    With the new frequency converter controlled complete closed hydraulic drive concept of our

    EHB-Series we are providing the most efficient way to compress gases.

       » Efficient hydraulic drive with less oil volume.

       » Direct separation between process gas and hydraulic.

       » Flushing concept integrated.

       » Quite drive technology.

    Intelligent and efficient new cooling concept keep the gas temperature under control with

    minimum energy consumption.

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